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BEAM Minerals

BEAM Minerals Micro-BOOST

BEAM Minerals Micro-BOOST

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Micro-BOOST™ provides a full-spectrum of  micronutrients as well as full-system detoxification support for the body’s cellular system. Micro-BOOST™ is 100% bioavailable and provides naturally occurring micronutrients, trace elements, phytonutrients, amino acids and some B-vitamins which can be immediately utilized by the body.

How to Use

REFRIGERATION: MICRO-BOOST™ does not need to be refrigerated, though we like to keep it in the fridge, because it’s more refreshing that way

FASTING: MICRO-BOOST™ is so gentle that it can be taken on an empty stomach and during intermittent fasting (it won’t break a fast).

WHEN & HOW TO TAKE YOUR MICRO-BOOST™: It can be taken at any time of the day; most people prefer taking it as part of their morning supplementation practices. You can mix MICRO-BOOST™ with juice, coffee, tea or filtered water, or non-chlorinated water.

A bottle will last approximately 1-month (for one person).


FOR EXTRA-SENSITIVE PEOPLE: Most people can take Micro-BOOST straight, on an empty stomach with no negative impacts, but there is a very small percentage of people that may experience some herxhiemer detoxification effects when first starting to take BEAM Minerals. This is natural and a sign that you system is finally finding channels to remove the toxins it has been storing. If you experience any detox symptoms, we recommend taking only a teaspoon for 2 weeks, then slowly working up to the recommended daily amount. If you have any questions, or would like to talk with someone about your experience, feel free to contact us!


However, if you:

  • Know that you tend to have a very sensitive system
  • Have an autoimmune disease
  • Have had Lyme’s disease
  • Have had mycotoxin exposure

You might be prone to having a Herxheimer Response as your body begins the detoxification process.


In this case we recommend that, when first starting to use BEAM Minerals, you put the Micro-BOOST in a small glass of non-chlorinated water and drink it over a period of 15-30 minutes. This allows your body to adapt and respond in a more measured way.

  1. For the 1st week, don't change your other supplementation – It’s usually best to make changes gradually, to give your body some time to adjust.
  2.  Start by taking 1 oz. (approximately 1 capful) of the liquid. NOTE: If you’re taking MICRO-BOOST™ with ELECTROLYZE™, take ½ oz (approximately ½ capful) of each.
  3.  Since BEAM Minerals are 100% bioavailable, many people feel a boost very quickly. However, don't worry if you don't feel a difference right away, just keep taking your minerals! Everyone’s body is unique and your system may need a little more time to respond.
  4.  During the 2nd week you can begin to taper off on your other electrolyte or micronutrient supplementation – this is optional of course! Once your system has adjusted you may not need any other electrolyte or micronutrient supplementation.
  5.  Sometimes very sensitive systems need a bit more time to acclimate. If you’re system tends towards sensitivity, we recommend taking just ¼ capful for one week and building up to a full cap over 2 weeks. Feel free to call us if you have any questions or concerns.
  6.  Listen to your body! If you experience any symptoms of electrolyte or micronutrient depletion, take an extra ½ - 1 capful of each.
  7.  After 2 weeks you can move to a maintenance mode and take 1 capful of daily. NOTE: If you are taking MICRO-BOOST™ with ELECYROLYZE™, take ½ capful of each daily.
  8.  FOR ESPECIALLY ACTIVE PEOPLE: If you are super active, engage in intense workouts or work in the heat, your cellular system may need extra supplementation. To keep your system in a prime-balanced state, try putting an extra ½-1 capful in your water bottle and drink it throughout the day.
  9.  FOR AN EXTRA IMMUNE BOOST: If you are feeling a cold or flu coming on try taking a full capful of MICRO-BOOST™ before bed and when you wake up in the morning. The humic complex’s powerful, but gentle, system detoxification ability can provide the added immune boost your system needs to fight off bacteria and viruses.
  10. EXPERIENCING THE DIFFERENCE: Give MICRO-BOOST™ some time to take effect. You may not feel a huge shift immediately. Everyone’s body is unique. Depending on your level of depletion, your system may need some time to respond. Giving your body what it needs to do its cellular work, will soon result in better balance and homeostasis.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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