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Nutri West

Micro-West Virex

Micro-West Virex

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The flu virus can make you feel miserable‚ and is especially prevalent during the winter months. There’s no guaranteed way to avoid getting it‚ but you can reduce your chances of getting the flu by steering clear of people who have the virus and by washing your hands frequently during flu season. There is no cure for the flu‚ but homeopathic supplements may help relieve some of its symptoms.

Homeopathy is a mode of alternative medicine that is based on the theory that like cures like‚ which means that if you may be able to treat a symptom by using a small portion of a substance that causes that symptom. It uses extremely diluted and safe doses of substances that produce similar symptoms to the illness being treated. These diluted doses aren’t supposed to actually make you sick; rather‚ the small doses are believed to cancel out the symptoms of the illness.

Nutri West’s Virex may help relieve your flu symptoms without causing major undesired side effects. Some of the ingredients in this formula are:

    • Ars Alb 12x (Arsenicum album)‚ which may relieve fever and diarrhea.

    • Echin 3x (Echinacea)‚ which may boost your immune system.

    • Gel 12x‚ which may help soothe the intestinal tract.

    • Nux V 12x (Poison-nut)‚ which may relieve nasal congestion‚ headache‚ pain‚ itchiness‚ diarrhea‚ and respiratory problems.

    • Bell 12x (Belladonna)‚ which may reduce fever and perspiration.

    • Pyro 30x (Pyrogenum)‚ which may help relieve nasal congestion and relieve throat pain

    • Rhus Tox 30x (Poison Ivy)‚ which may relieve pain and skin rashes in small quantities.

    • Eup-Per 12x (Eupatorium Perfoliatum)‚ which may help reduce fever and relieve sinus congestion.

    • Bapt 3x (Bactoflam)‚ which may reduce swelling.

    • Astrag 3x (Astragalus)‚ which may reduce coughing.

  • Phos 12x (Phosphorus)‚ which may relive nasal congestion‚ lung congestion‚ and sore throat.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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