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AquaLaurin Peppermint

AquaLaurin Peppermint

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Introducing AquaLaurin – A Plant-Derived Biochemistry Made by the Body, For the Body

In 2010, Northstar Biosciences (NBI) developed and patented a water-soluble version of glycerol monolaurate (WS-GML) with selected ‘phytochemicals’ under the trademark of AquaLaurin. Our therapeutic nanotechnology is based on bi-continuous, self assembled, lipid vesicles which form unique nanoemulsions and nanocapsules.

Northstar Biosciences' water-soluble glycerol monolaurate simulates the same biochemistry that the neonatal infant makes upon the ingestion of breast milk or baby formula during a period of exponential cell growth and development.  

For the past 8 years, hundreds have orally taken AquaLaurin (AL) both as paste and recently as a liquid. The latter is known as AL Structured Water and has been modeled by Dr. Keith Johnson, Professor Emeritus of Theoretical Physics at MIT, so as to better understand how AL breaks up chronic microbial biofilms in the human body. The novel liquid lyotropic crystalline nano-suspension in NBI’s AL Structured Water has been observed to disrupt sticky blockages in the circulatory system after an 8 week protocol. Studies by leading research universities suggest that glycerol monolaurate may inhibit pro-inflammatory cytokines, chemokines, and interleukins, thereby acting both as an anti-inflammatory as well as an immunomodulator.

On other fronts, it has been theorized by Dr. Johnson that AquaLaurin plays a role in neuron regeneration and enhanced microtubule formation in the brain resulting in significant improvements in cognitive function under an AL protocol.

We know of no other biochemistry that is an anti-microbial, an anti-inflammatory, and a biofilm disruptor under one umbrella.  The ability to disrupt pathogenic biofilms is perhaps most notable, as these 'microbial matrixes' are believed to account for over 80% of human illness.

Both NBI’s AL Paste & Structured Water are taken individually or in tandem and allow flexibility to adjust the dosage rates to accompany one's specific needs. This is particularly important for those with endemic biofilms from Tick Borne Diseases (TBD) where after years of buildup, rapid bacterial autolysis and subsequent biofilm disruption can lead to significant discomfort. This classic Herxheimer reaction can be severe for some TBD suffers, so the ability to lower the dosage of AL without compromising comfort is paramount. To that end, NBI is developing an ‘all in one’ treatment that combines microbial autolysis with detoxifying agents encapsulated in the structured water lyotropic crystals. This enhancement should help mitigate herxing while allowing for a quicker and more complete recovery under an AL protocol administered by a medical professional.

What are some of the key features & benefits of AquaLaurin (AL) besides killing pathogenic bacteria & deactivating enveloped viruses?

· Prevention & disruption of chronic inflammatory pathogenic biofilms 

· Effective immunomodulator reducing autoimmune response

· Effective anti-inflammatory including suppression of pro-inflammatory chemokines & cytokines & prostaglandins

· No pathogenic microbial resistance with prolonged AL usage observed

· AL does not harm good gut bacteria balance in GI tract

· AL enhances uptake & bioavailability of nutrients, vitamins & minerals

· AL works in conjunction with the body’s innate immune system

· Tick Borne Disease (TBD) protocols can be ‘customized’ to minimize Herxheimer reactions 

This information is partially comprised of excerpts borrowed from over a dozen research papers and university findings funded by the NIH.

Copyright © 2018 Northstar Biosciences LLC 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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