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Barlow Herbal

Barlow Herbal Essiac-20

Barlow Herbal Essiac-20

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Essiac-20 is the last name spelled backwards of Canadian nurse, Rene Caisse. The history of Essiac began with Rene Caisse's chance encounter with a woman cured from breast cancer by an Ojibwa Indian medicine man in 1922.

Essiac-20 contains the four herbs that the original formula was well known for: Burdock Root, Slippery Elm, Sheep's Sorrel and Turkey Rhubarb.

Dr. Max Barlow worked with Rene Caisse for a period of time during the mid 1960's. He later added Water Cress and Blood Root to his Essiac-20 formula.  They are added in small but perfect quantities to make this a very effective herbal combination. 

Burdock Root is the main herb in the formula adapted from the Ojibwa Indian medicine man. It is a blood purifier, lymphatic system strengthener, natural diuretic and skin healer. It also defends against diabetes, combats cancer and improves arthritis.

Slippery Elm helps improve constipation, bloating, diarrhea and IBS symptoms. It aids in weight loss, reduces stress and anxiety and may help prevent and treat breast cancer.

Sheep's Sorrel is well known for its powerful blood purifying properties and its rich source of trace minerals. René Caisse felt that Sheep Sorrel was the most active cancer fighter among all the herbs present in her formula. It is a diuretic and detoxifier and has been useful for detoxification of the gastrointestinal tract.   

Turkey Rhubarb is an astringent herb with a major purging effect. It has a long history in China and many other parts of the world as a laxative and effective treatment for many gastrointestinal problems. Due to the tannin's (which cause the astringency), this herb is constipating in small doses and laxative in higher doses. Therefore, a proper formula is needed to bring about the intended purging of the colon without cramping.

Blood Root has several impressive health benefits including its ability to prevent certain types of cancer, protect against infections, boost heart health, improve the appearance of the skin, speed healing and recovery and increase circulation.

Water Cress has many phytochemicals that may help protect you from cancer by maintaining the integrity of your cells and preventing harmful genetic mutations. It also has the ability to nip cancer cells in the bud in the earliest stages of development. In addition to these cancer-fighting qualities, watercress also has anti-inflammatory capabilities, which is an extremely important component to minimizing cancer risk.

Not suggested during pregnancy.

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