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Mother Earth Labs

Mother Earth Labs Super-Potency Bioactive B-Complex

Mother Earth Labs Super-Potency Bioactive B-Complex

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Super-Potency Bioactive B-Complex - 9 Essential B-Complex Vitamins in One Daily Supplement

Super-Potency Bioactive B-Complex uses the methylated vitamin form to ensure absorption and support energy, metabolism and more.

Your body needs B vitamins to turn carbs, fats and proteins into energy. Stress, age, and refined sugars all steal these nutrients from the body. And more than 50% of people have one of the risk factors that creates an increased need for B vitamins.

Super-Potency Bioactive B-Complex combines the active forms of 9 different B vitamins, so your body can skip the step of converting these vitamins and directly access the health benefits these essential nutrients offer. 

Here's what's inside every bottle:

B1 – Thiamine as BenfoPure® Benfotiamine

Thiamine is important in energy metabolism, the growth and function of cells, and helps reduce advanced glycation end-products that contribute to the development and progression of several degenerative diseases.

The water-soluble forms - including the active forms - don’t stay in the body long and are eliminated in the urine quickly making them not readily available for use in the body (bioavailable).

BenfoPure® Benfotiamine has been extensively studied and often prescribed in Europe to treat diabetes, inflammation, and peripheral neuropathy. It is a premium, fat-soluble Vitamin B1 that significantly outperforms its water-soluble counterparts, especially the synthetic versions in both bioavailability and function.

B2 – Riboflavin 5′-Phosphate (R5P)

B2 is vital in the maintenance of the body’s energy supply and the metabolism of fats and sugars. B2 is also used to synthesize red blood cells and in the production and regulation of certain hormones.

Vitamin B2 as Riboflavin 5’-Phosphate has also been reported to help curb acne which is welcome information to parents of teenage kids who may want to add a high-performance B Complex to their child’s current acne therapy before trying something like Accutane.

To be useful in the body, riboflavin must be in its active form - Riboflavin 5’ phosphate (R5P).  

B3 – Niacin as NADH - PANMOL®

Over 99% of all supplements have Niacin in various forms for Vitamin B3.  But, Niacin has to be converted to its NADH form to be active in the body,  which requires valuable body resources.  

NADH is the body's "spark plug" carrying electrons needed for energy production.  

NADH -  Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide – is the metabolically active form that is used in over 400 enzyme reactions throughout the body.

NADH is not the popular NAD+ found in energy supplements. NAD+ is the depleted form of NADH that requires the body’s resources to convert NAD+ back to NADH, the active form, to work.

Adequate levels of NADH support real energy production, metabolism, healthy circulation, stomach acid levels, mental stability and function, and the digestion of carbs, fats, and proteins.

PANMOL® NADH is protected from light and oxygen exposure which allows it to maintain its potency and effectiveness when blended with other supplements or ingredients. In other words, it's ready to do its job!

B5 – as Pantesin® Pantethine

Pantethine is the ONLY active form of vitamin B5 the body recognizes and can use immediately. 

There is a high cost in bodily resources to convert synthetic vitamins like calcium pantothenate or even pantothenic acid into pantethine - the active form. 

Pantethine is the key constituent of a very important molecule called coenzyme A.  Coenzyme A jumpstarts all the energy production biochemical cycles that produce ATP (the energy packets) that supply the fuel your body needs for nearly everything to function, including generating body heat.

Pantethine directly supports the manufacture of ATP energy packets. This occurs an astonishing 60+ trillion times a second in our cells.  All 6 trillion cells in our body recycle all their ATP every 20 - 30 times a second. That's a lot of ENERGY!  

Pantethine is particularly important during times of stress too, earning the designation as the “Anti-Stress” B vitamin. 

Pantesin® Pantethine is a pharmaceutical-grade, biologically-active form, chosen for its bioavailability and extensive scientific backing. It even has been shown to help improve cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

B6 – as Pyridoxal 5′-Phosphate (P5P)

Pyridoxal 5’-Phosphate (P5P) is the natural bioactive form of B6 that skips right over the conversion stage that synthetic B6 pyridoxine hydrochloride and pyridoxamine must undergo within the body to go to work right away!

Vitamin B6 helps increase both physical and mental energy and supports lowered homocysteine levels for those with MTHFR and healthy levels of homocysteine for the other half of the US population without MTHFR issues.  

B7 – Biotin

Biotin is known as “the hair and skin vitamin.” It was discovered that a deficiency in biotin was linked to unexplained hair loss and inflamed skin.

B7 is also used in the creation of energy from fats and carbohydrates, cellular growth and repair, and protein synthesis.

B9 – Folate as Metafolin® & Folinic Acid

Folate as L-Methylfolate is the active form of vitamin B9 and the only form that has a primary role in initiating major biochemical cycles that occur billions of times a second in the cells throughout the body as a result of a simple biochemical reaction called methylation.  

These biochemical cycles initiated by methylation are involved in:

  • reducing inflammation, and
  • supporting balanced immune cell activity (commonly out of balance in autoimmune disease),
  • supporting NO (Nitric oxide) levels for healthier blood pressure, 
  • supporting total body detoxification in glutathione production - the body's master antioxidant and detoxifier, and
  • synthesis of DNA and RNA bases necessary in the repair and function of cells 

It turns out that 40 - 60% of the US population has a problem with methylation, specifically converting folic acid - the synthetic form of folate to 5-methyltetrahydrofolate which is often referred to as L-methylfolate.

Folic acid is the synthetic form widely available in supplements and also added to our food to “fortify” it.

Supplemented synthetic folic acid can actually become toxic in 40-60% of the US population who can’t convert it because it actually competes better than the active form, L-methylfolate (5-MTHF) on cellular receptor sites. This shuts down important cellular processes such as serotonin and dopamine production - the “feel good” and anti-anxiety hormones - which help alleviate depression and anxiety.  

Metafolin® is the premium form of active 5-MTHF that is very potent and stable.  Metafolin® is the only form proven to cross the blood-brain barrier where many methylation activities such as serotonin and dopamine production occur. Other forms of folate - including forms incorporating glucosamine salts or whose crystalline structure is amorphous, such as L-methylfolate calcium, are much cheaper compared to Metafolin®, but lose stability and potency easily over time.

Metafolin® is a cell-ready form of folate used in over 200 enzymatic reactions and is the only form shown to cross the elusive blood-brain barrier to support the central nervous system.

Folinic acid, commonly seen under the prescription name “Leucovorin,” is preferred in clinical settings over synthetic folic acid because it results in higher blood plasma concentrations and is effective in individuals with MTHFR mutations.

Folinic acid supports new DNA base production used to make the DNA for new cells necessary to replace old ones. Our bodies are replacing old cells all the time and need the materials to make new, healthy ones. DNA is the blueprint for the new cell.  Every 3 years, for example, your body will have replaced every cell of your liver with new liver cells, so essentially every 3 years you have a new liver. Folinic acid helps this process work optimally.

Folinic acid also has the benefit of easy conversion to L-methylfolate (5-MTHF) without enzymatic intervention.

B12 as Methylcobalamin & Adenosylcobalamin

Our B-Complex includes the only two essential bioactive forms of vitamin B12, methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin, to offer a comprehensive range of benefits.

Methylcobalamin is the active form of vitamin B12 that supports all MTHFR methylation processes including:

  • DNA  and RNA production,
  • liver health and detoxification,
  • neurotransmitter production and regulation,
  • immune cell production and healthy function (many people with autoimmune disease are also poor methylators and do better with methylation support),
  • nitric oxide production to maintain healthy vascular pressure, reduce the risk of mental decline,
  • metabolism of fats, estrogen, and histamine... and more!

Adenosylcobalamin is used in cellular mitochondria to convert the foods we eat into the energy (ATP) which fuels our bodies.  Adenosylcobalamin is the only B12 form that our body uses to launch energy (ATP) production in our cells.

Magnesium Malate & Zinc Picolinate

Magnesium malate and zinc picolinate are included so that vitamin B9 (folate) can be absorbed and metabolized.

Choline as Alpha-GPC

Alpha GPC is the most bioavailable form of choline currently available to support focus, memory and energy.

TMG as Betaine

TMG is important for those with the genetic DNA MTHFR snips, which includes 40% - 60% of the US population, to reduce levels of homocysteine and support overall heart health. That same genetic snip precludes proper methylation which in turn can lead to auto-immune disease, inflammation, anxiety, depression, and cardiovascular problems, just to name a few.

Betaine is a naturally occurring backup system which allows for the body to bypass the malfunctioning methylation step, thus permitting the other downstream biochemical processes, which are triggered by normal methylation, to still function... albeit at significantly reduced rates. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Individual results may vary. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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