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Synergy Formulas

Synergy Formulas Lymesode

Synergy Formulas Lymesode

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Indications: For temporary relief of aches and pains of joints and muscles. Chronic fatigue and other symptoms due to exposure to lyme bacteria.

Suggested Usage: 5 to 10 drops 3 times per day or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Ingredients: Adrenal-Thymus 3-6X, Bone Marrow 3-6X, Mag-p. 2-3-6X, Hydr. 3X, Rhus-t. 5-12X, Arnica 6X, Waterc. 3X, Chel. 3X, Tarax. 3X, Trif-p. 3X, Echi. 3X, Ox-ac. 6-12X, Lat-m. 6-12X, Lymes nosode 12-30-60-100X

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