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True Cellular Formulas

True Cellular Formulas Zinc7

True Cellular Formulas Zinc7

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The rediscovery of the power of Zinc is one of the most important breakthroughs in the history of modern nutrition. 

Because research—REAL HUMAN RESEARCH—has already shown it can:

  • Significantly boost immunity (knowing you’re better protected)
  • Help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep (wake up refreshed)
  • Lose weight faster on the same amount of calories (a must-have for health metabolism)
  • Boost hormone health, sex drive, and performance (both men and women!)
  • Protect your liver against carcinogens and toxins (keep “fatty liver” away)
  • And even transform your gums and teeth (stop bleeding, decay, and keep them whiter)

Zinc7 is a revolutionary way to get all of the Zinc your body needs in just seconds each morning. 

Just take 2-3 capsules each morning or evening, whichever you prefer — or more if lab tests show you’re deficient... and you’ll have everything you need to keep your immunity strong, your sleep deep, your metabolism high, and teeth white and strong. 

Zinc7 includes: 

  1. Zinc Citrate - for gums, teeth, and dental health. 
  2. Zinc Glycinate - for hormones and sex drive
  3. Zinc Picolinate - for liver cell health and anti-aging
  4. Zinc Ascorbate - for colds and immune system protection
  5. Zinc Methionate - higher absorption and synergy
  6. Zinc Orotate - for deeper, high-quality sleep
  7. Zinc Acetate - faster recovery from infection
  8. Rose Hips - ultimate cellular delivery nutrients for Zinc
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